Vacation Chef Service

You just arrived after a long drive to the beautiful Green Mountains. The car is unpacked.  You’re tired and the kids are hungry, but what’s for dinner?  You could load up the family, drive back to town and wait for a table in a busy restaurant, or…

Relax… You’re on vacation!

  • Avoid busy resort area restaurants!
  • As your private chef, I will plan, shop for and prepare a restaurant quality meal.
  • Dine in the comfort and privacy of your vacation home. I’ll even clean up the mess.
  • Diverse menus from traditional comfort foods to gourmet cuisine.
  • Special dietary needs… No problem!

Arriving late? Try my Welcome Meal Service.

  • Delicious, hot meals ready upon arrival to your rental home.
  • I can arrange early entry and get started on the meal preparation.

Empty fridge and pantry?

  • Grocery shopping services also available. I can fill your kitchen with your favorite foods and beverages

* Pricing is based on an hourly rate for professional services plus the cost of ingredients. Call or e-mail for more information.